Short Romantic Love Stories of Real Couples

Short Romantic Love Stories of Real Couples 

The First Crash

I met him when I was his age and he followed me like a nightmare throughout high school. She had long blonde hair and blue eyes and didn’t want to take part in what I could give her. She was my dream, but she had her own dream. Every human being should have a crush like this: one that does not teach him to fall in love in the reflection of his own hope.

Romantic Moment

Seven months after my current relationship, I got bored and ordered a bedrest. Fear of infection doesn’t stop my boyfriend from trekking for two hours to see me almost every day. We used to watch movies, and he would read to me whenever my head hit the screen or a book. My birthday has been visited, and I am still not allowed to leave the house. My boyfriend's gift to me was a card he made for us to watch at the Ottawa Tulip Festival next month - which I can expect.

First Meeting

I was reading a poem when a young Greek scholar pointed out that every point the poet made in his 35-minute interval (in a 12-line translation) was completely wrong. The poet didn't seem a bit upset, but I was glad to ask the woman I had straightened out. He translated some dirty catullas for me on our first date.

The first crash

He was the tallest and handsome boy in grade 7; We were boyfriends and girlfriends that year, but then her family moved 1000km away. Five years later, my family has arbitrarily moved to the same city. He said he often thought of me and knew we would be together again. I still have a huge crush on her and thank her every day for her love, strength and kindness.

Crazy Move to take a Heartbreak

The deadliest thing i did was at the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Gym. Part of me wanted to make myself more attractive to women and part of me wanted to be hurt and hurt. This is what I did immediately after the breakup which I never regret. It forced me to face my limitations with a bigger memory than someone else that I am nothing more special than being at someone’s mercy and the only choice is to either tap out or be out.

Romantic Moment

It was the winter of 2020 and I had just met someone who seemed promising. For our second date, I asked him to meet me in the middle of the Peace Bridge, where I met "Agent P." I left an envelope with a map of where else he could find his mission in the evening: a search, a text message checkpoint, and a search involving a very snowy McHugh bluff. I lined the path with candles and waited for him with a flask of tea and a sterlite view of the suburbs. P. insists that this is the best thing he can do, but I think his gesture was even more romantic: saying yes to living up to my imagination for the evening.

Cherished Memento

It was my first love day with my current husband. I can't wait to give her my gift: a handmade card full of photos, lyrics and other I really want to display by my boyfriend by me both creative Glossy and lipstick kisses; And a framed photo on our first date. He smiled and thanked me, uncomfortably handing me over to his present. I opened it. We both burst out laughing.

Romantic Moment

I only knew him twenty-four hours. His eyes were sad and funny and long and handsome. He put an umbrella over my head during the storm at our baseball tournament. But i was careful, i often chose the wrong men. Then it happened. He took a creased photo of a little boy from his wallet. I saw my future husband's eyes light up as he talked about my son. I saw the joy of being a father and i knew that he was the father i wanted for my children.

That person who moved a mountain

There are some people who say that love can go to the mountains. This may not be physically possible, but Dasaratha Manji, known as ‘Mountain Man’, came quite close. One day in his life, his wife fell and seriously injured herself while crossing a nearby hill. He needed immediate medical help, but it was not possible because of the mountains that separated their small village from the next town. Sadly enough, Dasaratha's wife died of serious injuries before he could do anything about it. That night when Dasaratha Manji decided to dig a small path through the hills to facilitate medical aid to his village.

It was an ambitious plan and he was ridiculed for it. But after working for 22 years with maximum determination and willpower, a path was carved on the hill. Although he was first ridiculed and ridiculed for his mission to give his city easier access to nearby cities, he eventually succeeded. His life's work helped reduce the distance between the two cities from 55 kilometers to just 15 kilometers, so that this would never happen again.

A good fun night

Raju and his grandmother always had a unique bond with each other. He would spend a few hours with her, listening to her grandmother's lifelong stories. He once told her that he had met his grandfather long after he had graduated from high school. That is why he was never asked to go to Prometheus. When the day of Alex's preaching came, his grandmother was very interested in him. She watched him save money for months so he could deliver tuxedos and even limousines. Her grandmother waited anxiously for Raju to go to the prison. But to his surprise, he told her he would take her to Promise. He told her that every woman deserves to go to prom, even if they are not 18 or 80 years old.

The second is the Taj Mahal

The story of the construction of the second Taj Mahal began when Faizul Hasan Qadri and his wife Tajmuli Begum began to realize that their marriage would be childless. This is a difficult situation, especially for Tajmuli who begins to question whether anyone will ever remember him after his death. Inspired by his grieving wife, Faizul decided to erect his memorial to commemorate his beautiful wife for centuries. His decision led to the creation of a small replica of the famous Indian monument. It has now become a place that attracts many tourists every year.

Promise of a weightlifting

When Susan sees Austrian welfareist Matthias Steiner during a contest on TV, she immediately becomes interested in him. He was so determined to meet the athlete that he finally asked the TV commentators for his contact details until finally given. Once he got his email address he contacted her and they both agreed to meet each other. It was love at first sight and the two got married very soon after their first meeting.

The young weightlifter moved to Germany for his wife and applied for German citizenship. He loved her so much that he promised her that one day he would bring her an Olympic medal. Matthias Steiner was determined to live up to his promise, but things turned out differently. In 2007, his beautiful wife Susan died in a car accident. It was an unimaginable tragedy for this young man. It was this promise that kept him going through this difficult time. He was so determined that at the 2008 Beijing Olympics he was finally selected to be part of the German Olympic team.

Matthias Steiner faced incredibly challenging contestants during the competition. Seeing his potential to always reach the podium, he kept everything he had in his third and final attempt. And as luck would have it, he was able to lift an incredibly heavy weight, which earned him an Olympic gold medal. The scene when he was awarded the medal was broadcast to millions of viewers around the world, and Steiner could not only help himself, but also burst into tears when his wife's picture was captured on camera.

No arms, no legs, but love

In 2012, bomb disposal expert Taylor Morris was seriously injured after an improvised explosive device exploded in Afghanistan. While recovering from his injuries at the hospital, Taylor was confronted with a painful sensation in his limbs. He also faced the fact that he would be dependent on support for the rest of his life. It was an incredibly difficult situation not only for him but also for his family and especially for his longtime girlfriend Daniel. But instead of always letting him go, Daniel becomes Taylor's pillar in life. She helped him recover and take care of him during this incredibly challenging time.

Daniel played a key role in Taylor's speedy recovery. He never backed down from her and helped her learn to walk again with her new prostheses. After Taylor recovers, he proposes to his beloved girlfriend and they tie the knot. It’s a beautiful ending to an incredibly inspiring love story that shows that nothing can ever stand out between people who truly love each other.
Accident with a happy ending
As the years passed, Frank did not stop seeing his wife at the hospital. Although almost everyone, including the doctors, gave up hope, he was confident that he would one day recover. Every time he went to see her, he started talking to her, describing all the beautiful moments they had spent with each other. One day, when he showed them the video of their wedding day, he slowly began to move his hand. He began to regain consciousness by whispering his name. Several weeks after he woke up, he was completely healed and was finally allowed to leave the hospital to recover. After the couple left, he told Frank that he had heard his voice while he was in a coma, and that his voice was the biggest help in helping him return to consciousness.
Love letters from the Caribbean

In 1907, David Hard moved from his hometown of Jamaica to New York City. The migration was not easy for this young man and he sat at home terribly. He missed the resources of his own city and his friends. To confuse himself, David Hard began searching for a potential pen-friend from his homeland. He met a woman from the Caribbean named Avril Cato, who was interested in contacting him.

The two slowly got to know each other one letter after another. A year later, the two fell in love without ever seeing each other. It was the day before their wedding, as David had proposed to her a while ago. The two were married and had six children.

A heartbreaking farewell gift

When Jean was diagnosed with melanoma, he had six weeks left to live. It was a touching diagnosis, but Jane decided to use the time he had left to make all the necessary arrangements for his wife, Carol, with whom he had been married for 30 years. Do. He paid his pension in cash and used the money to pay for the house they were living on. The second step was to arrange for his wife, Carol, and the rest of the family to travel to Italy. When they visited a particular church in Venice, a priest was waiting for the couple. It was in this church that Jean's parents married more than 50 years ago. That day, Jean and Carol renewed their wedding vows and had the most beautiful day.

After Jean died, his wife, Carol, discovered that he had hidden hundreds of post notes around the house, shortly before he died. For several months he received one note after another. The notes are a beautiful and very personal statement to encourage Carol during this difficult time. However, Jean reminded his wife in this statement to enjoy every aspect of life to the fullest, to sell cars and to move forward with her life in front of her. This is the most heartbreaking farewell gift you can imagine.

One catastrophic accident

Tonya was driving her daughter to school when she witnessed a shocking car accident. The accident was quite fatal, so he got out of his car to see if he could help. Two vehicles were involved in the accident. A car, an SUV quickly started to catch fire. He immediately checked to see if there were any passengers in the car and saw an unconscious 14-year-old boy. Without hesitation, he left the car door open and brought the boy to safety. She was taken to a hospital where Tonia and her daughter visited her several times to help her recover.

As time went on Tonia began to notice that her daughter had started going to the hospital on her own account. It turns out that two teenagers fall in love with each other and marry each other when they grow up.

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