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True and sincere short love poems can help you show your partner how deeply you care for them. Love is a powerful emotion, often out of words, and sometimes it can be difficult to express how we feel. Sharing short poems about love with your partner is a great way to let you know what’s in your heart. Many people prefer short poems because they can communicate sensations quickly and beautifully. Here you will find short love poems for him or her, short level love poems, short level love poems and short love poems for husband and wife. We hope you and your partner enjoy this little poem about love.

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Short Love Poems

A love poem is not always long and flowery. Sometimes what you need to say can be too short. In fact it may be that the poem is so short that it makes it special. Its short length may indicate that you have time and effort to count each word. You carefully consider the choice of each word. There is a reason behind every word choice. A short poem can be the final act of romance when given the right time and effort.

Lazy Dreams by Kinkar Sarnal

In a long lazy dream,
I imagined my true love;
A perfect match, a soul mate,
An angel from above.

Now you’re here, and now I know
Our love will remain and grow and grow.

I never knew by Talha Rahman

I never knew about happiness;
I didn’t think dreams came true;
I can't really believe in love
Until I finally meet you.

Stupidity for your attention by Rumi

Thrills me every day with you;
You fulfill all my dreams richly.
I am foolish for your love;
You are in my arms;
Love me You say please.

Time of love by Jenny

If I could have the world all the time,
I know what to do:
I want to spend time
Just by being with you.

It You By Urmila Bosh

I know and love and treasure,
This is you, my love, who gives me perfect joy.
I love my way with you, your touch, your kiss;
Happiness and bliss to be with you.

My Allthing by Kabita Ara
When everything goes wrong, and my life goes quiet,
I miss you, and I get unstacked;
Make my heart sing in the midst of chaos;
You are my peace, my happiness, my everything.

Because I Had You By Puja Saha

If my life ends tomorrow,
There is so much fun left,
It doesn't matter at all,
Because, my love, I got you.

You are perfect by Anuradha

Your femininity attracts me;
Your steadfast strength supports me;
Your tenderness holds me;
You are the perfect love for me.

My Perfect Refuge by Jonah Fuchs

When life is cool,
I wrap myself in your warmth,
Nestled in your love,
My perfect refuge.

Thanks for the love by Raihan Ali

I say thank you every day
To the good Lord above:
Thank you for giving me a gift in my life
For your deepest full love.

Now you are here by Aditi

Life was fine without you.
It was spent aimlessly, through each new day.
Now here you are, the joy and the joy I see,
Filled with sweet ecstasy every second and minute.

I will always be by Unknown

I loved you then
And I still love you;
I worship you now,
And I always will.

Simply loved by Masum

My life is happy, full and prosperous;
Satisfaction is all I see.
Why all the ecstasy, joy, joy?
It's just because you love me.

From my heart by Soniya

One million stars in the sky.
One shines - I can't deny.
A love so precious, a love so true,
A love from me comes to you.
The angels sing when they come to you.
I have nothing to fear in your arms.
You always know what to say.
Just talking to you makes my day.
I love you honey, with all my heart.
Together forever and never part.

Love by Elaine Chatty is so wonderful

My love for you is like the sea,
So strong and deep it will last forever.
Through storms, winds, and heavy rains,
It will withstand every pain.
Our hearts are so pure and love is so sweet.
I love you more with every heartbeat!

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Short Love Poems For Him

Are you looking to create something special for your boyfriend? These love poems are perfect to act as alternatives whenever you think your own words will not suffice. These can also serve as an idea for starting to create your own poetry. By using these romantic love poems you will be able to explain the strongest and sweetest aspect of your boyfriend or husband. It will not only boost your confidence to hold on to his life forever, but it will also make you love him more than he did before.

These romantic love poems prove that men deserve to feel special at once. The words of these poems will surely touch your human soul. Whether it is long or short, as long as it is sincere and authentic is not considered.You can copy and share to your Boyfriend, Husband even Friends.

The gift of God by Sumaiya

Like a river of love
A never ending stream.
Love is shared by each other
To answer someone's dream.

This is a never ending story;
Love is not a lie.
You can share in all its glory,
Never die for love.

Love around you
The moon and stars above
Love is the gift of God,
And love is the gift of God.

Let's go to Persons by Monalisha

What do i do
When i'm still in love with you
You're gone,
'Because you don't want to stay.
You broke my heart, you tore me apart
I wait for you every day,
It was true to call ourselves our love.
But when you don't show up, more tears begin to flow.
I know when
I have to go.

Make me feel by Maria Chandan

Accept my heart; I will give it with ease.
Hold my hand and make this journey with me.
Take these stains and fix them all.
Embrace these fears and make them disappear when things get tough.
Take this smile and extend it.
Take these arms and hold me so tightly.
Accept these feelings and make them real.
Finally, show me how to feel.

Your smile on my Mind by Mohini

I wake up every day with your smile in my mind.
It is a very beautiful sight to see, so soft and kind.
My dreams are full of me and your thoughts.
I wake up and smile, because my dreams have come true.
I have to guide me through my troubles and fears.
I will always be here for you through your struggles and tears.
Love more than my words can ever show.
You are everything to me; I just want to know you.
I'll be here for you no matter what.
You are always first on my agenda.

The shoemaker kissed by Aminul Islam

One Skilion they shine in the sky.
The distant angels sing sweet songs nearby.
I wake up and smile, my dreams come true.
They are in my arms, my sun, you.

Beauty is profit by Kamal

Beauty cannot be seen with the naked eye.
It is felt in the heart,
Recognized by the Spirit,
In the presence of love.

I love you by Sanita

You showed me how to live,
How to laugh, what to say.
You showed me it was worth it
To love someone every day.

So this poem has come out to you
For all you have done,
And i hope you understand now.
Babu, you are!

I love you!

Wishes you a happy birthday by Masuma

A wish for lots of birthday fun
Until the end of the day.
Hope all your wishes come true,
And your birthday cake is as sweet as yours!

Future husband by Sadiya

Your heart is kind,
And my heart is really in your hands.
From the first words we say together,
I will love you forever

Come Closer by Raihan

Come a little closer
Honey, come a little closer,
Let me whisper in your ear
I tell you softly,
So that no one else listens.
All I have to say is personal,
And between the two of us;
Just what you want, how much you want to know,
I like your works.

Love by Masum

L, for the smile that I give you every day.
   Knowing you will never go away.

O, there are options for that when we're together.
   Knowing our love cannot get anything better.

V, I'm here to visit you.
   Knowing I will never find someone like you.

E, let's just say I've seen better.
   Specially when I said, "We will be together until we die.

Princess by Runalayla

Your voice
Call me whatever I want to be,
Blood swells inside me
The reason my heart melts,
A ridiculous smile is leaving me
Put it in my mouth.

Day dream by Aminul Islam

You fill the room with sweet sensations
Bits of confusing information
Crowd where the argument lives
Distortion space and sound and smell
Touch me with touching joy
Pushing me out of a measure
Reasonable suspicion that I will soon realize
I am nowhere near the present tense.

Can you be one? by Moushumi

Nice to have you in your arms,
To feel the warmth of your touch.
I love looking for your beautiful eyes,
See how much you care.
Feeling we have 'Run out of gas' emotionally
Thinking about every day.
I love going a long way with you,
On the way to holding your hand.

My heart by Monika Jannat

My heart is a thing that gives me life
My heart is kind and loving until the last drop
My heart does not want to stop me going
Unlike anything in this universe, I have a pulse in my heart
My heart gives me strength from the hardest path
My heart gives me structure in such a structured place
My heart beats at an impassable pace
My heart binds me together so that nothing can tear it apart
My heart is one of the things I love from the beginning
YOU YES !!!! You. And my heart.

You and me by Masum and Rumi

You and I are the same
You and I are a perfect kind.
We can't do everything forever,
But I hope we could do everything together.
You and I can do it,
If we put our heart into it.

I want ... by Farhana

I want to kiss your red lips
I want to touch your pink cheeks
I want to hear your beautiful voice
Although it can make a loud noise

I will forget all my sorrows
Just have to be with you tomorrow
I think you are always by my side
Hope you never leave me

Green eyes by Fahim Shariyar

Throw my heart with his eyes,
Emotions that never die,
So the irreplaceable pair across the green,
A beautiful scene engraved in my mind,
Bright, pure and full of mystery,
Amazingly how it spreads the chemistry,
Just looking at them makes me happy,
Gives me hope and clears my mind,
Brightness, from bright iris,
It is a real pleasure to search through them.

Love by Rojina

I love you deeply
I love you so much
I like the sound of your voice
The way we would touch

I love your kind and thoughtful way
And you bring that joy into my life every day
I love you like that from the beginning
I will love you with all my heart forever.

Taste by Urmila Srabanti

Wine slowly
Let it be longer in the glass.

Make the glass so light
Let it pass on your lips.

Taste my emotions
Feel the heat while sipping.

This kiss will last forever
As it flows across your lips.

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Short Love Poems For Her

Below is a collection of short love poems for her from the heart that are easy enough to memorize and small enough to be on a card or even a text message. Share these with your girlfriend or wife on Facebook. We hope you enjoy this love poem in its short and sweet and to the point.

Life Event by Susmita Bashu

When I say you're my life, I hope you know it's true,
When I tell you that you are my world, know that I have eyes only for you.
When the words can't come because you took my breath away,
I know I love you more than words can ever say.

Let My Heart by Rumi

I love you more then Water of the Ocean.
Maybe you don’t believe me, but believe me because I know.
My love is deep, my love is pure, my love is very true,
Now please let my heart know, do you love me.

Speacial Person by Mamun Reza

When I look at you you are the only girl I see,
I want you to feel important and very special to me.
Your smile makes me very happy and I hate to see you go wrong,
Don't worry my angel, because I will never disappoint you.
I will spend my life making sure that,
That you are my daughter, my world and I worship you so.

Love or Die by Masum

When you hear me say I love you, know the words are very true,
When you hear me say it forever, know that I will never leave you.
And the day I say goodbye, promise me you won't cry,
Only I will never say that it will be the day of my death.

Night Stars by Parsha Evana

One of all the stars in the night sky sparkles in the blink of an eye,
A love so precious A love so true, A love that comes to you from my heart.
You are always able to illuminate my day, every time you know exactly what to say,
The birds will sing when they come to you and I have nothing to fear when I catch you.
The angels are amazed when you smile and stay with you for a while,
I love you, dear soul, with all my heart, together forever and never apart.

Miss You by Aminul Babu

I miss you so much,
My heart is pounding,
I can't breathe,
I can't wait to see you,
When we are apart,
All I can do is
Sitting here and eager to be close to you.

Red Rose by Sumi

If the roses are red and violet blue,
I'll just take us to a place for two.
You can see my true love and how deeply I feel,
You knew so clearly that my love was so real.
Together we have built a castle where we can dance and play,
I will all be yours and you will be mine till the day we die.
We live alone in sweet happiness and love,
And the angels watched us from above.
And although now our love is very new,
I will forever hope that this dream will come true.

Cup of Tea by Indrazit

A cup of tea, a pond of laughter,
Our love is an adventure, like an insane journey.
Not every day is the same, always something new,
I never knew love until I found you.
Lots of emotions, all mixed up,
It’s quite a journey, but oh fun.
We're a bit of a player, a bit of a sad,
Sometimes we are naughty, but for the most part we are happy.
It's so weird, everything is surreal,
Yet I still breathe life into my mind, I can do nothing more.
It's certainly weird and so new that love can be,
But I will not trade it for anything, I want nothing but you.

True love by Masum

When the moon is shining on your face,
I feel the heat of the sun.
I feel your beauty pointing me at your arm.
The soft touch of your hand on me
Truly let me know love for the first time.
Your heart feels those who like to feel.
When I see you, I pinch myself to see if it's real.

Heart's patience by Monika

Love takes time.
It takes patience
To find one,
To find him,
Find out forever.
The heart can be broken,
But never give up.
Patience of a heart
Very nice.

Fire by Chumki

Fire in your eyes.
Their image shone in my soul,
Panicked at the beauty.

My love is for you by Rumi

I love you with all my heart
I love you with all my heart.
I know you don't believe me
But believe me, I know.
My love is deep
My love is true
And it will never fade.
So tell me now
And tell me the truth
You don't love me very much?

Heart in my hands by Salman Khan

If you said you were cool,
I would wrap my arms around you
If you said you were thirsty,
I would give you the blue of the sea.
I want to give you something: the moon, the stars, the sunset too.
This heart I hold you in my hand.

True love by Masum

True love is measured by how deeply you fall
And it judges how much you want to crawl
Just save it and finish it
It determines how eager you are to open up and offer your faith.
It is hospitable, always wonderful and always kind.
It's never a superstition, the color is blind.

How do I get started? by Shakil

How do I get started?
What should I say?
I love you and you took my breath away?
Do I hold on tight, keep me warm all night?
So how do I get started?
I start like this: Hold me, love me, teach me, take me away, inspire me to do something great.
Now that I've started, how do I finish?
I end up like this
I love you !!!

If I could be anything by Anuradha

If I could be anything on earth,
I will be your tears;
Think to yourself
Born in your eyes,
Live on your cheeks,
And die on your lips.

My only sweetheart by Israt Jahan

My sweetheart from now on forever.
Even when death separates us,
You will always be my only true love.
I will never leave you or harm you.
You are my only and unique person.

Sacrifice of love by Rumi

Love makes us strong ...
Then makes us weak.
Love to see us ...
Then makes us blind
Love enables us ..
Then makes us disabled.
We want love ...
But it is not always necessary.

The power of your laughter by Sishir Debnath

The sun can burn my skin.
Beam blast from a distance,
But the sun has nothing in common with your strong smile
It can cure cold heart.

Cbear by Raihan Ali

If the roses are red and the violets are blue,
I'll take you to a place for the two of us.
You will see my original colors and all I felt.
I saw you could love me and someone else.
We will build the castle ourselves where we want to run and play.
You are mine and I will be yours until the day we die.
Then I woke up and realized you had never been here.
Everything is just my thoughts, my dreams, my hopes ...
But now only tears!

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