Scam Love Messages for Him & Her | Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Husband, Wife

Dating and romance scandals often occur through online dating websites but scammers can use social media or email to communicate. They even knew the victims on the telephone as their early identities.

Dating and romance scammers will express strong feelings for you in a relatively short period of time and divert you from this website to a more private channel, such as phone, email or instant messaging. They often claim to be from Australia or any other western country but travel or work abroad.

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Scammer Love Messages

Topic: - Scammers feed specific clues to your profile.
Do not mention your income or where you work. You can call a nurse or an executive but do not specify where or how much you will make. Be aware of the needy and lonely listeners on your profile. This makes you the perfect victim to throw scammers into their scams.

Topic: - He usually lives outside the United States.
He can tell you that he lives in a metropolitan city in the United States but his work takes him somewhere else in the world. He says he'll be back soon, and of course he'll have to wait because he can't wait to see you.

Topic: - Romance scammers quickly introduce love without actually meeting you.
Often, the first sign of an online dating scandal is seen when a romance scammer expresses strong emotions in a relatively short period of time. They may even say they've fallen in love with you, but this is the strategy they're using to get you personal details and answers to security questions you can use to lock your accounts on the Internet. Carefully guard your personal information and be careful if a new love interest asks for personal details immediately after contact.

Topic: - Online romance scammers dating site try to seduce you.
Often scammers agree to leave the victim's dating site and use personal email or instant messaging to keep in touch. At first, it didn’t seem like a red flag. When you get to know someone, you'll naturally want to go outside of the dating site and use other forms of communication. Be very careful when someone asks for your phone number or email address. This makes it easier for them to access your personal information.
If you want to communicate outside of the dating site, set up an alternate email address or use the instant messaging app that is not associated with personal information such as your primary email and phone number.

Topic: - Romance scammers plan to visit but they always cancel due to some “urgent” reasons.
If an online love interest plans to revisit the last second place due to injury, family drama or business loss, you should be very skeptical. Often, short-term loans will be requested with their cancellation. Look for someone who says something like, "I really want to see you, but I can't buy a plane ticket right now because of X you together."

Scam Love Messages for Him & Her | Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Husband, Wife

Scam Love Messages for Him

Topic: - He will spend a few hours chatting with you every day.
His masculinity seems amazing because he knows that maybe a man has been loyal to you for a while now. But be careful; What he’s actually doing is he’s looking for your weak spots. If you have lost a close member of your family, don't be surprised if he or she tells you. He uses these holes in your heart to make you believe that it will be easier for you to establish a relationship with someone who has suffered such a loss.
As you are tying, he is talking to you like I love you baby, I can't wait to see you baby. He is now ready to put you up for this scandal. He is going to close a huge business deal with you and when it is over he will come to see you about he needs some more money to finish it or he will lose everything. He can tell you that family members have also invested but the bank will not be able to give him his last bit so that he is going to lose the contract and his family and all the money that has been invested.

Topic: - This is when he wants you to help you.
He has done the work necessary to capture your heart. You fall in love with him and you don’t want to hurt him. You want to help him so that you wire the necessary money in his bank account. And you will never hear from him again.

Topic: - His job is to scandalize women.
Most of these men live in poor countries of the world where there is a lack of good jobs. She has learned that by working a few hours every day she can easily communicate with women in the United States, find their weak spots and achieve a fortune.
She would probably speak with a British accent that seemed so romantic, especially to American women. He knows it and uses it to his advantage to stop you.

Topic: - He uses romance to seduce you.

Women love romance and these men know that it has been missing for a long time in your life. So he steals poems from the internet and sends them to you as if they were his own. Your heart just melts and you have a bond with Him that makes you even more at risk for His plan.

Topic: - He will always have an excuse as to why he can't see you.
He will tell you that he can’t wait to see you and when he can move away from his business he is arranging a trip in a month or two. Just before you meet, he has to cancel this trip for some reason. This happens again and again and is another great suggestion if you are working with a scammer.

Scam Love Messages for Him & Her | Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Husband, Wife

Scam Love Messages for Her

Topic: - Attach three of your images to this format.
I really appreciate this continuous communication and I would say it is a sign of WIL. And I'm telling you, wherever there is WILIL, there is a win. I appreciate every word in your response and I'm glad we both know exactly what we're looking for in life.
Thank you so much for your grief! Life is miserable and frustrating, the most important thing is our interest in standing up to our challenges and wanting to move forward with life again. As it is said that winners never leave and farewells never win; I know we are winners.
I believe we both know that love is not a destination but a journey and a journey that takes two people to walk. I mean two souls who understand that they are not for a goat’s walk, and that what is in front of them is the most important goal of life; The truth meant a place for people. It is a place called the paradise of joy and happiness. Sweet apple, I would be foolish not to be a woman like you. Really, I can only see in your face that I can live with this woman, not just part of the beauty, but the depth of your soul. As far as I can remember, I was very beautiful as a child. I will notice a lot of bullying, but just understanding it has a strong side. I could dance a disturbed person; I can impress someone with my smile. I grew up getting older friends.
Many believed me. To tell you the truth, I'm the one who doesn't judge. No matter how dirty you are, just come to me, and you will support me.
There is no Mr. Wright until we get him right and there is no Mrs. Wright until we get him right. A relationship is not about in the beginning, however, we can increase it further. My old friend who is a priest used to tell me, if you don't ready to read or look stupid, then don’t fall in love (lol). But sincerely this is the bitter truth! I was scared when I lost my wife and kids until love I don’t think that if it touches the heart it will turn darkness into endless sunny days. Can you prove it?
All right?
I understand that a man should write a better book, preach a better sermon, sing his best song, come to him.
Achieve wealth beyond dreams, he is nothing short of a woman to call, except my wife, my best friend and co-pilot.
My usual saying, and I'm known for it, is, 'Life is easy for those who take it easy.' 'I don't like to complicate things there.
If you want to see from the right angle, joy in every situation.
My mother is much older now and at about 91 years old she can still sing. Now she can't wait to come with me to Paris to meet her.
In the second half, and I can’t wait to get a happy home either. After my last project here in Johannesburg, SA, I am leaving the field
Works (in just three weeks). No matter where I go for any other work, I just need my attention from my home office. I want, I have a house in the States, I have one in Dubai, but if life goes on and I have no other home, are you that kind?
Need to stand next to your guy? Do you laugh when you see your man in excitement? Rather I don’t need a super model.
I need very good friends who know when I have tension I just look into my eyes and a super woman. The whole world could be angry at me, but I would care less if my lady was smiling at me.
Who says we can't snatch and get rich? Who says we can’t design our heavens together. It is only workable on foot. Beside me, please send me more pictures of your beautiful self. Here is a song ( V = EXRUoyaauw)
Specially for you, please listen to it with your heart, body and soul. Every word of it is a dedication to you.
Forward your email
Still smiling!

Topic: - If you've got a website for your date, it's a good idea to send it. Your organization. If not, why not?
I am in the middle of work and very busy now. You already make me feel like the luckiest person in the world. I will write to you again
The first thing is when I’m free I’ll give you all the thoughts and thoughts.
My dream is to travel to all the beautiful places and see all the wonders of the world with my wife. I can't wait.
London is there with my wife, my mother and all her beauty will be in Paris to see, in great Sydney Australia, In the beautiful Bahamas, again spending time together at my home in Dubai (unless I have found a tenant before) and the rest of the world.
Meeting you and hopefully, starting a new life with you is a sure thing. Just be patient, I will retire in just a few weeks.
I am sending a smile.

Topic: - Speacial persons convince for Love.
Hello my dear, this is a brief information about me, I`m 6`11 "190 IBS with athletic build, mentally stable, physically healthy, a bunch of smiles, warm, caring, honest, a good listener, F God fear, and a positive person to I am a really easy person to talk to and a loving and outgoing father.
Stability, security and building my life for the special person is very important to me, I hope to share my thoughts, feelings, experiences, dreams and fantasies with him and provide the best opportunities for any child to be included. In our lives, both me and the children of that special person, and in this moment it is my focus and I also enjoy my work even if it is risky because we are always on the high seas.

Topic: - Spacial Message.
Glad to read your messages and thank you for your sincerity I can definitely say I can’t wait to meet the daughter. I want to let you know that we did not meet by accident, but by the will of God and we are sure that God has a purpose to unite us both. I am confident that you are in good health. As you may know, the fountain of any relationship must flow to the heart. It is very important for me to reveal to you how much you really mean to me because we are both big and we want the same thing and need. I hope I could have done it personally while looking into your eyes,
But since we are physically separated from the miles of emptiness, this expression must come in the form of such characters. To me, you are my first friend and then ...... something bigger in the near future ..... God willing. To be honest with you, I’m really short of words here, but one thing I do know is that I have the weapon to listen to what you want to talk about via chat, mail or phone give me a heart; A heart that aches to see your smile and sees you without missing anything like physical companionship and sorting. I would like to take this opportunity to say ... I am glad to meet you.

Scam Love Messages for Him & Her | Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Husband, Wife

Romance Scammer Stories

Topic: - If he has a favorite profile, there is no picture.
Really, you have a very nice profile and I hope I could only see your picture. This feeling tells me that you were a beautiful person as your profile. Although the subject is internal beauty, I would like to see your picture. Please send me your picture on my Gmail account? I am interested to know more about you.

Topic: - If he complains about the conflict, try it.
Well, I believe it's too early to talk about distance because I've lived my whole life wherever my true love can be found. If you find an evil love near you and true love too far away, I bet you will wait for true love instead of intimate evil love hurting in your feelings. True love knows no limits or distances or boundaries. It doesn't need a map because it will always find its way. There’s something in me that wants to continue with you and for your information, it’s my time on a dating site my whole life. We need to know each other and see where life takes us. I am mature enough and I know what I want in life. I mean, I'm looking for a relationship that will last me until the day I die.
Millions of words to tell you but I would prefer better communication through personal emails because I don’t want to come to any dating site all the time. I am a female male and I would rather go alone with you and you. Looking forward to your feedback /
Email. Cheers!

Topic: - If he does not want to disclose his email, he responds.
Hey there,
Your quick response has really turned my day around and I am very happy about it. Every time I login to this site I see more than 10 new ones.
Women are disoriented but I don’t really like it because I’m a female male; I hate cheating and I’ve never done that in my whole days.
Survival. If you can help me stop coming to this site please, I would appreciate it a lot. I've got ten million words to say.
But you are no longer on this site. Please email me at my Gmail account, ‘w3masum’ or give me your email address.
In anticipation of your quick response.

Topic: - If he doesn’t give her email and talks about the phone call, send it.
Your quick response has really turned my day around and I am very happy about it. Every time I login to this site I see more than 10 new ones
Women are disoriented but I don’t really like it because I’m a female male; I hate cheating and I’ve never done that in my whole days
Survival. If you can help me stop coming to this site please, I would appreciate it a lot. I've got ten million words to say
But you are no longer on this site. Please email me on my Gmail account, ‘w3masum’ or give me your email address.
The phone is good but email is better because email has references when the phone does not give. You can go if you read the message
Come back anytime in the future and read it again but phone calls disappear in the air of sound. Don't get me
Wrong, I'd love to hear your voice but I think it's best to start this way.
In anticipation of your quick response.

Scam Love Messages for Him & Her | Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Husband, Wife

Good Morning Scammer Love Letters

Oh my love,

I am so glad to read your message again today, slowly we are connecting and getting to know each other better. Honey, you said i don't believe i have a presence? But why did you say that? Don't you believe in yourself and believe that one day a man like you will fall in love with you ?

I don’t join this dating site to waste my time or play with anyone’s feelings, I’m not here to hurt anyone, i just join to see if I’m lucky enough to meet this particular woman on a particular dating site. I want to let you know that you are special to me, and i want you to know that not all men are the same. I understand that there are some bad men and some good men too, if you are lucky enough to meet the right person, who will truly love him. I am a good person and i will always respect you and treat you right. I want you to keep your heart free so i can come inside.

I am already deeply in love with you, i see you as a woman i am interested in. I know it's hard to believe, but i see your pictures every day, i never stop to look at it, I feel like we met for each other, it's not a mistake, i believe our meeting was determined by God. So please my love, i want you to start believing in us, join hands to make this relationship work. No one will ever do it for us, we will do it ourselves, we have become human beings and i am sure you know what you want out of life? With me, i know what i want and when i see what i want, I always try for it and accept it, no matter how much I spend on it, I try my best to accept what i really want. Should

My love, I want you so much and I want to marry you if everything goes well between us, what do you think? I am a good man and I assure you that I can make you very happy, I want to be the father of your beautiful children and I want to be your husband, I know you will be the mother of my son Joseph too and you will be my wife, if we only open our hearts freely But we can improve this relationship. I have undoubtedly opened my heart to your entry and this is why I have already started falling in love with you because my heart is now free for you.

I want you to remove all doubts from your heart, I want you to believe me, because without faith there is no way this relationship can be effective. I'll stop here for my love now, I want you to relax and think about what you said in this email, and I hope you remember that the reason you entered the dating site is to find someone you like and he Love you in return I’m that man and I’m here just for you and our kids.

I wish you a beautiful day my love, I hope to read a new message for you soon. Soon, we can talk on messenger if you want. I am sending you a picture of me, hope you like it.

Take care, and give my kids a kiss.

Miss you.


Scam Love Messages for Him & Her | Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Husband, Wife

Good evening my angel,

I know you have to stay home right now. I want you to know that I miss you the day we meet.

The opening ceremony of the art exhibition program went quite well, a few products were on display, but the proper business will start from tomorrow (Friday). I hope to buy some good products.

I want you to know that Joseph and I are doing well here, I haven't had a chance to go around the country, I think this place has a lot of African features but they lack a lot of basic facilities.

I would like to inform you that the internet service here is also quite weak, but I will keep my promise to you every day.

I wish you a good night, tired and need a rest now.

I miss you


Scam Love Messages for Him & Her | Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Husband, Wife

Good day my love,

I hope your day is going well today? I want you to know that my day is fine too. I was able to buy a lot of products today and I already paid for the shipment to the USA this afternoon. The products are great works of art and I am really happy to come to Africa to buy them. My customers will be really happy to see such products.

I want to let you know that Joseph is fine now, I was in the hospital this morning and saw that he was fine. He is alive now and the doctor told me that they needed to rest until tomorrow before he could be released. He assured me once more that he was fit enough to come to your country and see you.

I told Joseph how happy you were about his condition and he was very happy that he cared so much about him. I told her what a great mother you would be for her and how much you wanted to be with her and kiss her, she was really happy.

I can't wait to see your beautiful look at the airport. I love you so much and miss a Joseph is very eager to meet you.

Please let me know if you have received this message.

Kiss you.


Scam Love Messages for Him & Her | Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Husband, Wife

Good morning my love,

Hope you had a good night I want to say once again how much I appreciate you for welcoming us to come to your country to meet you. I was in the hospital this morning because the doctor told me that Joseph would be released today. The hospital management gave me a বিল 2,450 bill, which was quite expensive for me. I tried to get money from my Visa credit card to pay the bills but it doesn't seem to be working in Nigeria (Africa). I have tried most of the banks here but I could not use my Visa credit card to pay the hospital bill for our son.

I just discovered that credit cards don’t work here in Nigeria, I didn’t know about it until this morning. All the cash I've already brought in from the exhibition program to the art products, the cost of shipping and the cost of a flight ticket to your country, I now have only 1, 1,050.00. So I need to take about $ 1,400.00 from you to enable me to pay the balance hospital bill, so that Dr. Joseph can be discharged from the hospital. I don’t want it to be a set back for us. We will return to you as soon as we arrive in your country.

I am so ashamed of you that I am asking you for it, I never expected such a situation to happen. Please do not tell your friends about this, I am very ashamed to ask you for this money but my love, I will return to you as soon as I meet on March 17 in Brazil as default on my flight ticket. I contacted my bank in the US and they told me that my credit card will work in your country Brazil, so don't be afraid, I still have a lot of money on my Visa credit card.

I really need your help in this matter and I promise you I will never forget it. I love you honey and thank you for being there for me and Joseph. I look forward to your immediate response, so that they can release Joseph from the hospital

I love you and urgently await your reply.
Miss you!


Scam Love Messages for Him & Her | Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Husband, Wife

How are you,

I consider myself lucky to meet someone as delightful and wonderful as you. I can introduce myself to you more broadly which I believe is extremely important.

My , I am 49 years old, a widow, my beautiful and handsome son Joseph, he is only 6 years old, he lives here in Louisiana, USA He lives with me, he loves to dance, play and eat ... He also likes to meet people, make new friends and he can be very quiet, attractive, understanding and funny with the little boy, most of the time he likes to have fun around the house, play bunch of toys and sometimes in parks, beaches and adventure places. but sometimes I see in her that she lacks that maternal love and touch and I really want her to get it soon, I miss a woman companion too, someone shares my deepest thoughts and my concerns, someone supports By, loving and caring it wasn’t really easy for me and Joseph Joseph to be raised by me, but I’m enjoying it in no way.

My acquaintance with my dating site was my best friend, who also got his wife from the dating site. After Joseph's mother died two years ago, I began to feel sad whenever I complained about taking care of my mother; I decided to seek the advice of a marriage counselor on how to be a truly special person and spend the rest of my life with someone. This is how I got acquainted with this site, I can meet a really nice and humble person there, I was really impressed that I met a person like you on this site because I never thought so much.

I don’t know my parents because I’m an orphan, but the man who raised me is too late now. I grew up fighting and went to college and graduated. I am a geographer, I previously worked with the oil multi-national company in Louisiana, USA, I am now in arts and design before meeting my son and leaving my own art gallery to face private business. I am a Christian and a fearless man, I have a lot to say about myself but a few to mention below, I am a very ambitious person, optimistic, sporty, hardworking, dedicated, intelligent, trustworthy, genuine, my true love and Mrs. Dana Honest, sincere, fun and easy people with lots of joy, love and happiness to offer. I am very emotional and sensitive in all areas of my life I try to be very responsible and eat right; So I make sure I stay fit, I do jogging too. I always believe in a healthy relationship even though I haven’t had one in a long time, it is important to be passionate, romantic, caring with lots of smiles to maintain body and soul.

I have strong family values   and my son is my most precious and only family now, he is the best thing ever for me. That’s why Joseph is so precious to me, I never leave him behind when I’m out of the country. I take good care of her and she is always with me when she is not at school. I live together without the help of a maid because I took it upon myself to give her the best of life. I love being outdoors with my son and the weekend is always a special time for me and my son.

For the past two years, raising my son Joseph alone has not been easy. I am a serious minded person, I know what I want and I am ready to work towards it with complete honesty and awareness. A serious and honest long-term relationship requires a mind like yours. I have attached a picture of me and my son so if you got the picture please let me know.

If I see your importance in this relationship, I will remove my profile from the dating site, because I believe my heart made the right choice by choosing you and I want to concentrate and give you my full attention.

I would also like to tell you in a broad and detailed message about yourself and also send me your picture.

I would love to hear from you soon, bye and take care of yourself.

I Miss You.


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