Most Popular Poems in English | Best Poetry of this Year

Most Popular Poems in English | Best Poetry of this Year


I am a woman
I am surrounded by chains.
I am lying in one corner.
Don't ask how I grew up in the world.
Men are waiting in every street waiting for me in every street.
Sometimes I come in his eyes and make his life colorful.
When should I laugh in the life of men sitting under the cover of lust.

It has become a habit to chase men.
Do not you see the sisters are our loved ones.
They just feel like chasing romance.
There is neither shame nor shame, just teasing seems to be his manhood.

There is never a feeling that a woman will be able to live peacefully in the country.
Will the woman who ever walks alone on the way reach her home?
Be it a train or a bus, or a woman standing on a square.
You cannot even imagine that a woman will be able to sleep peacefully.

In my body, there are only those organs on which you hunt.
You go mad and attack those same parts brutally.
Just have to be in fear all the time.
Never become a victim even at home, even today, women have to bear fear.

You cannot even understand what it is to be a woman.
I have to live for my loved ones even in lakhs.
It is not necessary that you hunt with your hands.
By raping your eyes, you also rape your eyes.

Those who insult women, you will not be able to do anything.
Be careful, people of the world, one day you will die at the edge.
Today again I say that women are such a power that you will not be able to enjoy it.
By desolating my peace, you will remain infamous on the middle square.

The lives of women have changed you from hell.
Asking these people, they too have stopped living.
Asking to see your own mother and sisters when your eyes open.
You have given the name of manhood by hunting the lives of women.
There is no shame nor shame, you have spoiled the existence of your own mother just because of these actions.

Formal - value-education

what is this ! Formal - I have a letter of education,
 Some are becoming my fellow teachers, some scientists, some officer leaders,
When talking to me like wind, formal education,
So I also want to go ahead and change my life at my own level.

Water takes revenge, open the tap slowly son,
Do not leave a liar in the food plate, son,
Will become a drainpipe, son should not go into the grain drain,
Water to basil two sons daily,
Value hard work son.

Cheating on others - the race to move on,
Never make you successful son,
Don't know how little, like roses,
Mother's learning - full of fragrance, lines,
 Price- Education sometimes writes me in letters,
And read and twist my life.

Due to formal education,
Best life reconnaissance in the envelope of life,
But the value - education should be on the way - to explain to me,
How do I communicate with you in my life?
Sometimes formal education comes in my way,
Sometimes Value - Education tells me the essence of life.

Life are you my close friend or enemy?
This puzzle of life again and again,
Ever ask formal education?
Sometimes ask price- education.
I got many achievements from formal education,
Learn beautiful, technical and non-technical.

With whom I have improved the life of the public mind,
Whenever I bring value-education into life-practice,
Then a new energy filled my chest,
Intense desire to live a successful life,
My heart produced a pulsing sound,
 These achievements make me the best,
The best leads to life,
After getting it, I can't bear it.

Because in my scientific life,
Value education and formal education,
She kept her own importance.
In my formal education process,
 My price is inspiring - education.

The beginning of a rapid independence

It is only 700 kilometers,
But still it is a sign of my freedom,
The first of my life,
I’ve traveled these long (maybe short in the eyes of others) distances,
When to start,
Where to go,
What do you do,
All decided on my own.

These days it’s not just a trip,
But learning a new thing,
Fresh people, new language, unheard of customs, beautiful food,
Then I realized that the “stage of aristocracy” was the best feeling ever,
Your knowledge knows nothing.

Gives you lots of pleasure,
And the urge to know their culture and way of life will be exactly the same,
A child who sets foot in school for the first time,
Not because you are new there,
That will be the treatment you will get from there.

Nothing less than a guest and for yourself you are a wanderer,
Who unlocks all your disciplines,
You have to experience new things and be happy,
There is not much to worry about because you have so little time.

That too is not just a normal time,
This is the time when you are completely your own,
No one will own you then,
And there is no need to face orders,
There is no one to judge you,
Nothing will stop you from being who you are,
So much love, fun and happiness,
You need to gain experience at least once in your life,
To make it worthwhile.

Sometimes you forget your heart in your busy time,
Your pain and excitement are not there to break,
It is not meant to remind you of your memory,
It is not for storing your tears,
It’s not about loving someone else,
A part of it demands happiness, peace, freedom and self-love,
If you listen intently, you can hear it,
Do it and follow your heart forever.


Just a hello!
In the apartment with 2 beds he used to hang out outside.
In the children's bedroom he sees them plugged into the music system.
In the master bed room, his son chatted on the phone and got lost in cyberspace.

The old man graduated slowly and eventually became a fool in his family.
"There ..."

“The government. Look at that top branch of the destroyed field.
"The man is hanging ..."
"With a leather belt."
"Heavy debts." The minister asserted, "I do not see anyone."
 Officers bow their heads; The horseman hurried away.
The body danced in the air.


Published by Anjana in the poetry section with tag sacrifice,
Give up your dreams,
If it makes others happy,
Dedicate your time,
Make you available to everyone.

Dedicate your thoughts,
So as to avoid quarrels,
Leave your happiness,
To make everyone around you happy,
Sacrifice your love,
Just to shut the other's mouth.

Stop showing your pain,
Tears are an insult to the eyes of others,
Stop showing your hatred,
It gives another bad idea,
Dedicate your complaint,
People just like praise.

Stop promoting your ambition,
Hope is the cause of such crying,
You feel happy, content, satisfied and peaceful,
As if you have everything you need,
The sad reality is you have absolutely nothing and you have to perform all this.

Will be based on the opinion of others,
How well do you do
The best actor will be the greatest winner,
Everyone around him wants to be,
Excluding yourself,
Close all your plans.

Someone above you has already planned everything,
Stop every thought of winning,
There is such a single imaginary line between success and failure,
Stop thinking you're satisfied,
Unless tomorrow is a promise,
You are just a name.

And your death will take away even luxury,
These may ask you some questions,
Why do we all live if we give up everything,
You may think our lives are our choice,
You can still arrogantly believe,
What you have done and are doing is to your taste,
Then go back to your memory.

You can easily understand that you lived and even lived for others,
But don't worry,
There were moments,
You that you were,
Whatever you like
Looks real to you,
Never care about others,
Those moments can’t pass.

Total hundred days,
But these were the best days of his life
It is a gift for all your struggles,
For all your monotony.

Defectively perfect

I once heard a young girl say to her mother, "My fingers are as small and thick as your mother's. I feel like hiding them."
I kept the word I wanted to say,
Because it was before me, the bell rang,
This is how he feels imperfect with his own body.

If you find more reasons to hide yourself you have given one more reason to hide.
The sooner you find a way to lower your price, the more you will lose,
Do you know how you feel more important than what others see?
And these resilient and strong women built a whole world around her children,
So, how dare you make fun of him when his only compass was infinite love and care.

Wear them like winter in this world.
Wear them like badges of honor, be brave with them now.
Don't reject any of it, instead be thankful that you are a part of it, the theologically included in you,
You geniuses take care of everything and change your outlook instead of changing you.

Monsoon culture

In the last episode I heard a sister crying because she couldn't get vaccinated and Periods was blamed,
Blessed for the first time in my period, do you feel ashamed?
How can a girl be worshiped as a goddess at once and be defiled by her subsequent bleeding,
How can following a conventional culture be associated with virtue and good deeds?
The virgin girl is praised for being authentic and her mother.

But with its natural biological process, questions are raised about its impurity.
Kids are ifted god genius and god god genius in those times,
They are signs of her fertility,
So, why does culture, norms and values   lead him to uncertainty?
If you only practice the traditions of your respective places.

Were you born lucky, did you practice social evil ‘Choupadi’ according to this race?
You are educated, isn't it your duty to speak up for your rights when your culture slaps you?
‘It’s okay’ for you following the maneuvering culture, you didn’t live in a cow or a hut, but for many it didn’t seem stable enough to remember the same things.


Life is a mystery - Life is a novel,
It can start at birth and end with death,
But life seems to be over.
Is a turning point to overcome.

The body, the mind and the spirit that make life perfect,
But then death comes and we lose our breath,
We have mistakenly made happiness the goal of life,
Until we realize - no! We must free our souls.

The saddest thing is we don't know the meaning of life,
We live and we die with sorrow and strife,
We want it and it to be happy and joyful
But we end up being stingy, greedy and miserable.

The journey of life - we must flow like a river,
We came from God and we have to go to God,
Life is a drama - we wish and we wish,
But if we go to the grave, nothing will happen.

We foolishly think we are body and mind,
Until we find "Aha", we find that soul,
We don't know where we're from and we don't know where we're going,
The goal of life is to reach the other shore.

Most people do not live life; They just seem to be present,
The desires of the body, they simply cannot resist,
They are so busy, there is no time to search,
We put life to the test to find out who we really are.

Of course, we are not the body - in the end, it will die,
Are we mind and ego? No, after death they will fly away,
We are the life force that emerges in death.
We are the life that gives us breath.

We live in ignorance; We don't get the truth,
We forget that we are not body and mind but spirit,
The God we want in a temple or church,
Lives in our own hearts - a place we don't seek.

We are not this, this is not… .We are!
Not the body, not the mind, the soul is,
The goal of life is to realize this goal,
We are not body and mind. We are souls!

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