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Best Inspirational Short Stories

Three Women, One aim: Don’t ever give up!!!

Previously, the term had a deeper meaning, for us at least three daughters, now mothers, are correcting the working mother. You must read a lot of trending self-confidence articles that encourage you to take responsibility for your fate and plan ahead. So how do you take responsibility in a male dominated society where your husband has to go everywhere in search of better opportunities and you have to take care of your baby too! Being a mother is reduced to a 24/7 job. But balancing between a capable home builder and a super mom always means thinking about your life, your contribution to this world, the proper use of hours and hours of dedication to get yourself educated and working hard to get educated and get a degree.

So, back to the ruthlessness, three passionate women were traveling in the same boat in Bihar. The problem was that there was no water, the smooth boat never happened again. Well, in the middle of a jungle is this huge 500-acre IIT campus, a monarchical administrative building, probably blowing on some of the sharpest brains in this country. Having so many homes in a clean background, these women could always host kitchen recipes and countless kitty parties and live their lives without admiring each other in new furniture and suites.

But frustrated with the number of trees and nilgai on these three campuses, they have already decided to do what they are doing on WhatsApp and Pinterest, which will control their fate. They met each other as their goal and gradually came together to share their common dream of becoming a female entrepreneur.

But the big elephant in the house still remained What? How?

One thing was clear; They were not interested in pursuing a set path or a cookie-cutter career goal. Instead, their travels tended to be both interesting and exciting. You don't have to know how things are going to turn out. Emotion can serve as a compass for finding a purpose.

One day during a simple chit-chat, they discovered that all three were interested in reading and gave them a direction and inclination to start something along this line. They also realized that it was difficult to communicate with the people around them because of the strange dialect. So they needed to be trained in good communication skills which could be beneficial for them and be very effective in their future endeavors.

Working at home requires a lot of passion, focus, discipline and a lot of hard work to balance the kids. But you can see the change in social attitudes, the way mothers have been living dramatically for centuries. All three of them were looking for part-time and mother-friendly opportunities, but had no idea what was best for them. But their drive to show that they have the appetite, skills and vision to start a new venture helped them create the "Rise 2 Shine" training institute.

Rise 2 Shine has now embarked on its journey to teach young graduates some basic life skills needed for a brighter future. The Institute is assisting with innovative styles of teaching methods; Students, teachers and individuals achieve what they always dream of.

As they say, you have to work hard to play hard. It’s fun to be unique in your case, because it can bring satisfaction and success.

Incomplete on the way…!

I love to be home on Sundays. It was 9:55 in the morning when I woke up and the first thing I saw was the bright mobile screen. I checked it out and saw that it was a call from my boss I picked it up and he was yelling at me to get his files back. I was feeling a little dizzy and didn't get him at first. But then I think I promised to take his files and return them to him again that day but forgot to remove them from my office bag.

Fear crawled into my mind. His voice startled me. I put my clothes on the chair and put some cologne on. By then there were only 15 minutes left. I hurried to the nearest bus stand and got on a bus that was already full of people. Somehow I found a comfortable place. But the driver, who was elderly, announced that the bus keys had been lost. He went to another bus and tried to find out if the keys were on that bus. I was planning to leave the bus with 3 keys.

Luckily one of these was correct. I was ready for the ride. I checked my watch, it was 9:25.
But something unexpected happened.  Now we ordered to get down and push it. I checked for other options. But nothing was found. So I’m pushing the bus with others. Just a few seconds later the engine roared and I jumped into the bus and said "Quick, I'm late." However, the speed of the bus was unbearably slow. By then there were only 5 minutes left.

What else is in the middle of the road. The old driver shouted "Damned bus" I don't wait anymore and start running from the sidewalk. I had a small hope that I would still get there in time. I wanted to run fast but it didn't seem to want my feet.

I was finally at my destination a minute or two ago. I checked to see if the first buttons on my shirt were off and if it looked good. I got up and went to the cabin. "Sir I brought the files on time." I spoke of the feeling of victory. He said hurriedly that give back to me.

A real story …..True inspiration for youths

This story may sound very ordinary ... yes, but it is true and interesting. It’s about a rickshaw puller who dropped me off at my destination that wasn’t too far from my house. But in 10-12 minutes, I witnessed and learned from this 63-year-old man, how one can grow and reach their goals if their dreams are clear.

It just so happened that I was waiting for a rickshaw to go to a nearby place for an interview and none of them were ready to come. I saw this rickshaw and started walking him and stopped him. When I asked him if he could drop me off at my destination, he quickly agreed. I gave him the right position and this is when our conversation started, in most cases a one-way conversation.

I started saying “you rickshaw wal hamesha manna que karte hai” (why rickshaw pullers don’t say every time).

His immediate response was in English "Madam this is what I hate about rickshaw rides" These guys are not educated and so they don't value time, they don't want to help passengers either. As he spoke English and Hindi, I wondered how this old man could speak so fluently in English, just a rickshaw puller.

When I was just thinking about it, he started talking to me again and what he said really inspired me.

“I graduated from BSc and graduated in 19th grade. By profession I was a government teacher. School for many years. These days, I struggled a lot because I was a member of a very poor family, but that didn’t stop me from growing up. I somehow finished school to improve my family. Today I am retired and if I am driving an auto it is not just for money, but to keep myself fit and fit so that I do not feel the burden of getting old and doing nothing.

I have studied my kids and taught them the importance of education that has helped them choose their fields and go their own way. My son is an IAS officer and my daughter is a professor at a reputed college. "

As I listened to him, he kept saying, "I only drive 3-4 hours in the morning or afternoon and the rest of the time I teach kids and young students. My main focus was to teach them how important reading is, to be a good person." Growing up, respecting everyone, helping others and doing good deeds, these will only come through education. "

 The next minute my destination came and I got off, paid for it and said thank you.

Moral: Education is very important in our life in any situation. Money, problems can come and go, but education and knowledge will stay with us forever. It will also make a difference in our lives and the lives of others.

Saga of a Scooter

Today's young people may have a hard time believing, but when I got married in 191, the waiting period for scooters was 3-5 years. I was quite excited when my older brother introduced me to the 10 year old Lambretta scooter. Soon the scooter and I became the butt of countless jokes and jokes at the Telco Colony in Jamshedpur.
 If it’s an old lambretta, it must be a jogara in the seat as well.

But I enjoyed my new freedom, came home for lunch and went for a walk with my wife in the evening. But alas, the joy was only for a very short time as this scooter started to play tricks. It first showed signs of “morning sickness” and every morning I was struggling to get the scooter started. Luckily, there was a downward trend near our block which helped me start shaking and move on. But the illness often took place in the evening and when my wife took her pillion seat this scooter would explode and stop which she did not find interesting.

Soon more serious problems didn’t leave a week without putting my scooter down at Mechanic Mahato. If the clutch creates problems this week, it will brake next week and the carburetor next week.
Mahato was a notable person; His body was painted on a dark rough outward chirping peak, with a tight beard and hairless hair was the complete opposite of his delightful and enchanting etiquette and "gentlemanly" words. He lived, worked and slept in his ramshackle shed. Seeing me from a distance, the eagle-eyed Mahato would send me to his "Tania" (trainee) to save me from being pushed. Many a time, when the scooter was stuck in a remote area of ​​the city, he was conducting a "rescue" mission. I was touched by his helpful nature, honesty and ugly attitude towards money and soon called him "Mahato Moshai".

Pet dogs are known to be sympathetic to inmates at home when any delicate or unusual situation arises. I was strongly convinced that my scooter was similarly sympathetic to me when my wife came on the family road and I often had to take her to the hospital. As if to understand my situation, the scooter did not cause any trouble at all. When it comes time for delivery, I shuttle 8-10 times a day between home and hospital to ferry food, clothes and mother-in-law. But after the baby is about 2 months old, the scooter is back to its old way !!

Our apartment blocks were adjacent to the road outside the colony, with dense overgrowth of wild bushes and many tall evergreen trees swaying in the wind. Sal trees shine in the morning rays of the sun and make it glorious in the bright light of day. But as the evening wore on the silence and darkness subsided and the atmosphere became strange and frightening. We had an open veranda flat in the lower floor corner which made the situation even more dire.
Finally I got up, looked at the door with a few hesitant steps pe it was our upper neighbor with whom I was familiar but wanted. He returned to town late at night after the movie. He apologized for the inconvenience and pointed to a gas tank under my scooter as soon as the fuel ran out of the fuel valve.

The restless baby was crying inside and my wife was struggling to shake him back to sleep. I was overwhelmed with what I was going to do at this last moment and wanted to wait for the day. Neighbors, however, warned me of the risk of an accidental fire and for the next half hour removed the fuel tank, spreading the liquid and clearing the area as I left the house.
This incident forced me to correct random opinions about him as my first random Goan Bachelor. How wrong we can sometimes be with the opinions of others !!

I went hunting for an extra fuel valve, but there was an additional shortage for the old Lambretta model. One weekend I went to a veteran Sardarji's shop in remote Adityapur to get advice from a helpful shopkeeper. He remembered that he had bought it for a customer a few years ago. Oddly enough it didn’t come back fit. Soon his "tanias" started buzzing through the racks and powder cartoons of all the rich people. The part was spotted in a short time for my great relief. After thanking Sardarji incredibly, I took it back to Mahato who was wondering if my scooter would ever move away from his crowded place.

The scooter came back home but my wife gave me an ultimatum - "either me or the scooter". So the word spreads around and the scooter stays locked in the stand waiting for a buyer.

Meanwhile, not all things were roaring for me in front of the works. I have already completed 3 years in the same post. My batch mates have been promoted, moved into larger flats, and are knocking on the next door. My bosses praised me for my work but gave me a promotion. Hunting in those days was painfully slow and it was mostly “applied, applied and no response”. But luck seemed reasonable to me right now and in a few months, I got a good job at Isco, Burnpur.

We had a good friend's circle in Telco which we were very reluctant to leave. The day the buyer left for my scooter was still fast approaching. The sad story of my scooter reached the ears of an elderly acquaintance in my hometown of Barhampur. The evening before I left he came with a colleague, limited the deal to mutual satisfaction and within 15 minutes the buyer was ready to start with his “buy”.

But not so much that the scooter seemed reluctant to end his relationship with me and he wouldn’t start as much as he tried. I took the scooter and gently pushed it towards the car at the risk of talking under my breath as if “thank you my friend for standing by my side in my time of need. Thanks for opening my eyes for the good of others. Thank you for not having any accidents or injuries. Thank you for your small compliments which was a lesson in patience. Now it's time, goodbye and goodbye !! "

With the buyer sitting on the scooter I leaned for one final heavy push; The scooter sputtered, sputtered and sputtered finally came to life again and it was very understandable that all associations would have to end one day !!!

Gifts by Meeta –The story of a lady who said yes to people’s comfort rather her own.

Mita Gutgutia - Billionaire, owner of GiftsBemitor and wife of Mr. Bikash Gutgutia, owner of Furnace and Petals, India's largest florist, is worth thousands of crores. The fashion designer by profession and highly innovative meta gutgutia gift by nature found something on the way to exchange between two friendly hearts and to trade in the market. At FNP, he would discuss with his colleagues and subordinates to introduce some more things like flowers, cakes, bouquets. Expensive flowers, their solid management, easy for mass, affordable, quick, innovative and personalized gift-giving solutions make him think. He wanted to introduce the gift-giving solution for people of all classes, for people of all ages, and most importantly for everyone. And GiftsBimita was born with the goal of covering miles and delivering smiles.

Meta Gutgutia is a fashion designer by nature and extremely imaginative and innovative by nature. He is still associated with the FNP group but regularly felt that some of the gifts were being bought and sold, missing out on the need to make gift delivery more difficult, medium, insightful and quickly accessible. He has modified an incredibly large number of new and innovative gifts. And Upharsimita is a name that acknowledges his passion for innovative product design at an affordable price.

First, her profession as a fashion designer, she just likes to design products that are part of our daily lives. She likes to give our daily life things a new and fresh look whether it’s mugs or cushions. And one more thing, this is FNP, when he was involved in designing other activities related to flowers, he realized that if someone is looking for a gift, the flower does not include everything, the gift option for people must be wide and more than that. Later, he wanted to make a gift umbrella that includes lots of different flowers as well as flowers.

Now Gift Business Opportunities: Gifts are considered a luxury product and in most cases; After allocating a budget for all your needs you are going to buy a gift. Since India is a developing country, the gifting industry is keeping pace with the e-commerce industry at a great rate, but the purchasing power of the rapidly growing people is equal; It is going to become one of the brightest industries in the near future. It is undoubtedly true that people with increasing purchasing power spend more on luxury items and therefore the future is extremely bright for the gift giving industry.

Giftsimita has been blessed with overwhelming response from people around the world, especially people who like our products regardless of why they buy them. In order to give easy gifts to everyone, this portal has a quantity of gifts including vehicles at the door which people just like. In a very short time we have been able to meet all your gift needs, be it birthdays and commemorations like small regional festivals and regular events for special events. Surprisingly, the gift limit for gift items in the South Indian region is the most preferred gift shop. The great opportunity of combo and hampers and the arrangement of attractive gifts are the most significant benefits for customers to achieve the biggest loopholes in a limited time. So we can say that we are on the right track towards the ambition of gift giving.

Personally, it was easy for a mother or wife to dedicate herself to creating a new business where I would have to face a lot of termination. Second, I was enjoying a very comfortable life, and I have a fast growing family business. But still, I wanted to do justice to my creativity, my hobbies and my passion for giving joy and happiness to the public. I would like to express my gratitude to my family, colleagues and friends who have given their valuable support.

Technically, there are no such big challenges because I was blessed with my experiences at FNP; I have my own expertise in product designing. So I picked up a team of talented people from FNP and started working on making products, started exploring the market, vendors, and then hired a digital marketing. Then I was eager to ensure the fastest delivery for the maximum location. If the customers are able to buy an intriguing product or quality products at affordable prices and get it delivered to their doorstep only then my dream would be realized in true sense”. So as of now, we are working with our vision covering miles and delivering smiles, along these lines, we have gifting outlets in 300+ cities in India and we are putting our effort to ensure same day delivery in all tier 1, 2 and 3 cities in India.

For the future needs, we have a planned to ensure the same day delivery in 500+ cities in next one year and faster international deliveries are challenging things.

We started under the guardianship of FNP, for the first one year, we never felt the requirement of funding and the after one year we are financially strong enough to grow without any findings. The overwhelming responses from the customers made the thing possible.

The team is very balanced.  They are moving ahead by under a great collaboration of experienced, smart technocrats, innovative product designer, and customer support team.

My heart always comes back here

I'm sighing as I log out of all my accounts and close Google Chrome. I decided to turn off the laptop and get a good night's rest. But something prevents me from doing that. Before I type the URL of a website I haven't visited in a long time, I scratch my chin and click on the web browser again. No, not too long ...

The first writing started when I was five years old. A short one-page story, a three-line poem, a book full of humor. These were the results of my little fingers matching my enthusiasm. My family was delighted with the interest in reading and writing.

I was always inspired after reading a good book or novel and tried to write one of my own. But of course since I am a little girl, stories always stop after two or three chapters. I don't know how to continue the book!

Then, one day, my mother suggested that I should concentrate on short stories instead of trying to write huge novels. A few pages full of good work written with full concentration turned out to be better than exaggerated and extra-complex chapters filled with irrational sentences that made the paragraph seem longer.

I was thrilled and eager for others to see my work. My family always encouraged me to keep writing, but no one outside my family and relatives knew how I could put my thoughts down on paper.

My dad told me that he would invent a good publisher or something to make my young mind happy and make me happy for but of course, my writings were very immature and childish printed on paper and sold in bookstores!

When I was twelve years old and the thought of reading my stories almost gave up I got the best news of my life. A close friend of my mother noticed how I stopped writing and wasn’t really interested and interested. So she did some research with my mom and found that there were online sites where I could publish my story!

I was extremely excited and immediately sat down with them and went to the list of websites. One of them caught my eye.

This is the very website where you are reading the sentence right now. Eustoryclub I became a registered member. I still remember how I cried for joy that day. I’ve submitted a few of my old stories and quite a few people read them. Encouraged by this, I started writing again and submitted my latest essays, which are much more mature than the old ones and to my delight, one of them was chosen as the editor's choice! I was in the seventh heaven of joy and on the moon.

I was probably way too happy. After I got the editor choice, I quickly signed up to a few more online spots where I could read and write stories. I was getting a lot of recognition and I was thrilled. I started spending more and more time on those sites.

But something was wrong. When writing on other sites, I didn't feel as good as before. Something was missing. The happiness I normally felt when the story was told was no more.

I wondered what was wrong. Was I upset? I do not like writing anymore? What was going to happen?

Of course, I still love writing! I would always love to read and provide something for others to read. So, what happened? Why am I no longer excited? What causes me to lose my motivation?

I slowly understood the answer. Ever since I signed up to one million different places at once, I have lost the friendly feeling that I always had when I logged in to the Eurostory Club. The feeling of home is a feeling I felt. This website has become a very good friend of mine. But the others were just too overwhelming and I felt like I wasn’t ready for them.

It was then that I realized the importance of taking one step at a time and not going too far ahead of myself. I need to focus on one thing and not forget about it when I find something else.

Love what you have

There was an eight year old cheek, one day when he was returning from school with his mother, he saw a great Barbie doll on the shelf of a toy shop saw Barbie was designed and perfectly packed S she insisted her mother to buy it, but her mother's cash The pieces were in pieces and the ৫০ 50 for the doll was spent enough for the doll as she had to separate from her husband and all her savings for living.

Now when she returned with her mother after each day of school, the girl screamed for the toy and told her mother-in-law the next month. The days went by like this continued, mam got annoyed and slapped her daughter for the first time for forgetting the toy, and she got a better one (obviously lower price), but the baby was very stubborn, she just wanted it.

It was finally the winter months when her mother got her daughter a job at home in extra time at night after she slept. Went to fetch, but this time she did not go alone, she bought a Barbie toy for him, the kid was happy to see it, hugged his mother. With joy

Every day the goat played with her doll, played with it, Barbie bathed, combed her hair, made her fancy dress (which she got with D toys). The days are gone, now she’s a year older, now Barbie doesn’t care so much, she snatched her hair while playing, broke her 1 arm, and so on. Above all he was annoyed at it, above all Barbie lost her importance.

Eventually the days passed, the goat grew up, he was married and came to visit his old mother in his thirties after his mother took him to his house where he grew up, suddenly he was cherishing old time with his mother suddenly He noticed that when he went to open his old toy box, he pulled out a barb, a doll without a hand, his hair was torn, and he was a little damaged. Now that her cheeks were more mature and she felt the importance of that doll again, she became tearful, the half-broken damaged doll is now so precious, she wondered how she could fuck that doll for which she cried every day, and whose For the mother had to pay her hard earned money, she hoped that if her doll was in perfect shape she would also give her baby 2 gifts, above all it was her memory, now was very valuable now

He kept the doll with him and kept it in his house, after placing his shelf he realized how we humans are so immature, what we want and what we get, we forget the importance of it, and when we end up losing it, we Those who are affected r

The moral of the story - close your eyes, take a second and realize, you are forgetting the importance of someone because of what you got or got. So it’s never too late, like what you’ve got and never care, because one day you will realize how much you cried to get it and ultimately suffered for your mistake in losing it.

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