Braintizer is a kind of puzzle that makes you think outside the box. Some brain teasers are easy, some are difficult er Often, when you finally hear the answer, you feel ignorant or stupid because it should have been clear to you. But the fun in the brain is fun. Therefore, we do our own testing and hopefully we are better at solving them.

Our Brain Teasers collection includes Brain Teasers for Kids and Adults. Adults have a much longer complex brain to compete with their minds rs We close the set of brain teasers without an answer, so you can test the brain's ability to solve.

Brain Teasers with Answers for Kids and Adults

NB: All the Answers are available bottom of this page.

1. Q: Usually, when you shop, you take the money, but if you are in a store, you have to pay even the same thing?

2. Q: Rumi's father deposited one thousand usd on his birthday! But when Rumi completed 18 years, it was found that the account has only 4 thousand usd!

3. Q: The brass is glazed with the tangy grass! What if the silver ring becomes gold?

4. Q: If the child is only 10 years old, how is the old of father ?

5. Q: Your wife, when you go she did't give. But, she give when i go. What...?

6. Q: People don't eat at all, but if they stumble, they stumble and fall. What...?

7. Q: Our fourteen men are calling 'Mama" so, i call them "Mama". Do you know his name?

8. Q: Which fruits don't have seeds. If you can't say, I will understand that you are stupid.

9. Q: Not an aquatic animal, yet it lives in water, has no hands and no feet, yet swims.

10. Q: I would say that there is no such thing in the world, but it is still in the words of my mouth.

11. Q: Many people eat the name in two letters and walk away if the last letter is omitted.

12. Q: There is no life, no friend, if you get light as soon as you leave, you will leave day or night.

13. Q: You can say that in which country the sun does not rise and in which country there is no water and there are no people.

14. Q: Not mango, not blackberry, not fruit on the tree, but everyone calls it fruit.

15. Q: You said how can a woman spend 30 days without sleep?

16. Q: 10 people built a wall with bricks in 10 hours, how long will it take four people to build that wall?

17. Q: What exactly does a half apple look like?

18. Q: Can you never eat breakfast?

19. Q: It is said that Napoleon died in a war.

20. Q: How can you throw a raw egg on the concrete floor without breaking it?

21. Q: Which animal's intelligence is the highest?

22. Q: Which was the largest island in the world before the discovery of Australia?

23. Q: Why do people go to bed at night?

24. Q: Names in three letters If her daughters omit the first letter on the skin, the tree will grow and if the middle letter is omitted, the tree will bear fruit. Excluding the last letter is the way to go.

25. Q: Where did all the countries of the world sign the independence?

All Answers

1. A: When you go to the salon, you have to cut the hair and pay the money.

2. A: Because Rumi's birthday is celebrated on 29th February, 4th birthday.

3. A: Sona is the name of one, so if you give gold rings, it will be Sona's!

4. A: A son don't have a one person.

5. A: The veil.

6. A: Asar.

7. A: Moon-sun.

8. A: Coconut.

9. A: Boat.

10. A: Horse eggs.

11. A: Betel leaf.

12. A: Shadow.

13. A: Sandesh.

14. A: Exam Result.

15. A: Sleeping at night.

16. A: It won't take long, because the wall is already ready.

17. A: Just like the other half of the apple.

18. A: Lunch and dinner.

19. A: In the last battle of his life.

20. A: You can throw it the way you want, because eggs will never break the concrete floor.

21. A: Giraffe.

22. A: Australia.

23. A: Because the bed does not come to him at night.

24. A: Alta.

25. A: At the bottom of the last page of the contract.

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