Heart Touching Love Stories of Real Couple

Love is one of the most talked about topics in the world. It plays a huge role in our lives. It has been perceived as a magic, a miracle, a necessity, an obligation or even a chemical reaction in the brain as different individuals and cultures. We’ve got 5 modern-love stories that have touched our hearts and warmed our souls. Look at this! 

10 Heart Touching Love Stories

1. Day of surgery

Girl: I'm having heart surgery today.

Boy: I know

Girl: I love you!

Boy: I love you more!

The girl recovered, they found a donor and the transplant was done

Her father is the only person in the room after heart surgery.

Girl: Where is he?

Dad: You don't know who gave you the heart?

The girl was stunned and thought, the boy gave her mind.

Girl: She started crying

Dad: I'm kidding I went to the bathroom ...

And yes he wanted to give you your heart but his heart could not be replaced to you and we got someone else.

2. SMS

A heart touching love story about almost failing an experiment.

A boyfriend sends his girlfriend:

Boy: Hi darling! How r u

Girl: Wait a minute, I'm busy with my thesis, I'll read you later.

Boy: Babe, can you get back? I really wanted to talk.

Girl: I have a deadline, don't you know?

Boy: Just once baby, please? Do you think we can chat for a while?

Girl: This thesis is everything to me, you don't know that. Why are you bothering me? I have my own life !!!

Boy: Sorry sorry, I'll text a bit.

[After a while…]

Boy: Hey darling, I can't stay too far away from you how does your thesis come along?

[No response]

Boy: Babu, it's 11 o'clock. Why aren't you responding? I'm worried!

Girl: Didn't I say I was busy with my thesis? I'll text you when it's done. All right? It's not like we can't talk tomorrow… just sleep, okay?

Boy: Sorry honey. Good night Always take care of yourself.

[Next day]

Girl: I'm sorry, darling, I was too busy yesterday. Wake up! You have classes. Text me soon.

[No response]

Girl: Hey, why is there no writing? What you don’t have balance, it’s almost lunch time. Where r u Why aren't you in class

[Message beep]

Boy: She's not with us anymore. My son is gone. We tried to wake him up but ... the doctor confirmed that he was gone.

The doctor gave him 2 years and this is the third year he made it. Looks like his heart couldn't make it anymore.

A message was typed for you on his phone but he was unable to send it ...

Take good care of yourself. I'll be happy wherever I go and I want you to stay the same here. I'm sorry I didn't tell you about my condition, but I don't want to burden you. I know you've been busy for so long and it's up to you. I love you so much.

3. The final journey

A Love Story About Biker boyfriend.

A lover boy and his girlfriend were going home at night. They were speeding on motorcycles.

Girl: Would you please slow down? This is scary.

Boy: Come on, it's fun!

Girl: Absolutely not. Slow down. I'm really scared.

Boy: Tell me you love me if you want to slow me down.

Girl: All right, I love you. Please calm down!

Boy: Hug me too!

(He hugs her tightly)

Boy: Please take off my helmet, it's bothering me.

The next day, the magazine ran the following story:

“They are motorcycle crashed with a tree. This is the case of brake failure. One of the men was injured and fled, but another was injured. ”

The boy knew during the trip that the brakes had failed, so he asked his GF to tell him the final time once that he loved him.

4. Partition notes

A heart touching love story is about the last time.

One night a girl and a boy were running home in silence.

More time passed and not a word was uttered by either.

Eventually, the girl slipped a note from the boy. He did not read. He wanted to end their relationship.

Suddenly a speeding car went in the wrong direction and crashed next to the passenger, killing the girl.

The boy could not believe it. She cried and called her parents ... and then she noticed the note. He picked it up and opened it. It read, I'll die if you please let me go.

5. I can't stop loving you

A heart touching love story about chasing Jamie.

A man meets a girl. They date for their anniversary and for some reason the guy breaks up with her. One beautiful day, they jumped into the street with each other.

Boy: Hi, you look prettier than beautiful.

Girl: Many people think I'm beautiful.

Boy: Yes, I know you are beautiful, very kind and great. Who is the lucky man?

Girl: I'm alone.

Boy: Why? What do you want to be about?

Girl: Yes, I want to.

Boy: So, what's the problem? Don't tell me no one loves you?

Girl: A few boys do.

Boy: Are they bad?

Girl: No, they're fine. Very sweet.

Boy: So what's the problem?

Girl: It's you. I can't stop loving you.

6. Sacrifice

A heart touching love story about a boy who can see ghosts.

A boy meets a ghost. Ghosts are also young.

Little boy: How did you die?

Ghost: I was hit by a car.

Little boy: Are you trying to cross the road?

Ghost: Something like that.

Little boy: What do you mean?

Ghost: I was trying to save someone.

Little boy: But why?

Ghost: I didn't want him to get hurt.

Little boy: Have you sacrificed your life for your love? I bet she's sorry now because she lost you.

Ghost: No, she's happy, because the one I saved is her boyfriend ...

7. One and only

An ex about a heart touching love story.

A couple decided to end their relationship. The boy was not ready, but in the end he agreed.

The boy was married a few years later.

Later, his ex-girlfriend came to him and he was not happy.

“How dare my favorite color for your wedding theme, my favorite flower as decoration and our anniversary date as your wedding date? How can you do that? ”

The boy began to cry and said with a certain sadness in his voice, "That's the only way ... I can only pretend myself ... You're still my bride."

8. Love is The Reason to Live..!

A story about love Feelings

There was a boy ‘n girl, they were the best year of the year’ n year, they could talk on the phone for a few hours ‘in each other’s text for a few days,

When they were together;
A bad thought could not cross their minds, everything was great, but one day;

The boy did not answer any call or text for a day,

She couldn’t sleep at night .., she was sitting in her room crying, ‘n that’s when she realized how much she meant to him ..?

The next morning;
He woke up from a phone call .., it was a boy ..

Boy: Hey ..,
Girl: I'm glad you called me, what happened to you yesterday ?
Boy: I was busy.
[GIRL realized that;
Something went wrong but couldn't ask]

Boy: You know .., We should stop talking ..!
Girl: What ? .., but why ?
Boy: I'm sorry, bye ..!
[He disconnected the call, 'n he felt like someone
Knocked on the door of his mouth]

Everything is shining in his mind,
The car he drove ..
The roof of some buildings .. ’n sunset ..
He didn't understand anything ..
He began to feel lonely, expectant, ‘broken ..’
That was the answer to everything! His words were thumping on her ..
His heart wanted to go out!
He was ..! "Why .. ?"
He screamed at the top of his voice;

Then he made up his mind to make one last attempt to bring him back ..!
[He called her]

Girl: Hi.
Boy: Why are you calling me?
Girl: I have to tell you something ..
Boy: Go ahead
Girl: I wanted to tell you one thing before I stopped talking!
Boy: Tell me ..!
Girl: Are you all right?

[He broke down ..!

He tried but maybe he didn't really care.
She thought!
He was not his friend in the first place ...

The tears were slowly getting worse: '
He left the house with a note ..!

[5 hours later]

The color of the phone in the boy's room,
This was the girl's mother,
The girl was in the hospital when the car hit her.

The boy went there and was taken to the hospital.

He opened his eyes with the boy's name ..,

She holds his hand ..
Boy: I'm so sorry it's all my fault ..! However;
I promise I'll do it for you when you're well ..

Girl: I don't want to get better.

Boy: No ..! No, don't say that ..

Girl: Just say one thing, why did you do it?

The boy told her he had a heart problem ‘n he didn’t want her to be worried;
‘N there was a risk that he would die ..!

Boy: I did it because I… ..I… ..I love you ..

Girl: I love you too .. ‘n then his heart stopped beating… oh
He is dead ..!

The boy died of a heart attack 10 minutes later ..

He could not survive thinking this;
He died because of her ..

9. Heel over heel fall (and back again)

In my early twenties, a certain optimism came out. There was grooming, there were hair products and, if I’m particularly optimistic, a “going out shirt”.

I wore my out-of-the-way shirt on the evening of my first campus mixer at Concordia University in Montreal, I parted with my friend Alex, wore a push-sweep mustache and gave him the look of a sad walrus. It was in his sad walrus way that he introduced me to a girl in his film class.

Alex disappeared, and me and the girl got a seat. As the hours passed, it seemed as if we were creating something as comfortable as a blanket castle. Although I can no longer remember our conversation, I still remember her warm smile, when I calmed down God God blessing তাঁর how awkward and merciful He was to me. I also remember how badly I needed to urinate. Which, Bravdor tried in a wrong way, I told her.

But, I'm afraid If I do. I said that, when i get back to the table, it won't be the same.

“Let’s take that risk,” he said.

And, of course, it wasn’t somehow. When I got back, there was Alex, a rum-coke straw shaking under his mustache. Me and the girl separated without exchanging numbers. But still, more than 20 years later, I can say with certainty that there was a spark on that table that I ever felt real.

We want to believe that there is only one for us. Many are scary to think about and we can only jump against them for a moment. Her name was Rachel? Rebecca? Perhaps better to forget. Otherwise, I can reach out to him on Facebook for a while or Lord help me, LinkedIn in Sometimes most romances last instantly.

10. Surrender

I was destined to fall in love for the first time. My grandmother told my mother, who was my sister, and me that one day our husbands would come to claim us just as happened to her. So when I ran into someone at an ATM in New York, after meeting him for the first time the night before in Toronto, I knew my life was about to change. Within a few weeks, we were dating long-distance and flying back and forth for a romantic weekend.

It did not work. Two months later, he informed me, through a series of declining phone calls and emails, that we had no prospects for the future. If I could say I took it forward. While I'm still dealing with the consequences a few years later, I consulted with a palate reader who simply said, "You're already married."

What did I want from this guy? At that time he was in his late 30s, now my age. He ran his own business and was creative, a combination that is incomparable to me as a young writer. Since the only way to gain experience was to redeem it, so I started to become that person if we ended up together.

Over the past decade, I’ve done things I probably wouldn’t have done if we had never met: learned Italian, worked in fashion, made a living as a writer. The world has changed, too, and two people who haven’t spoken for years can follow each other’s trends on Twitter. The other day I was surprised when he liked one of my tweets. I realized how much this recognition should mean to my little soul. The story also seemed to take a new turn: it was never about getting the prince of all time, but about becoming his.

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